12.00 EUR

hafenschlamm rekords / hr021

false move rec. / lapse002

grmmsk - reality asylum

12inch, lim.200, 2018



  • a0: grmmsk - IDENT [intro]
  • a1: grmmsk - UN [down]
  • a2: grmmsk - LONG [way]
  • a3: grmmsk - MADNESS [2017]
  • b1: grmmsk - [everything] CRASH
  • b2: grmmsk - [ist] SITUATION
  • b3: grmmsk - [false] HIGH
  • a1-b3: - teaser Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

labeled as "doom dub" or "dub doom", this records crunches you with schizophrenic odd atmospheres and sampled reggae that is pitched (if not smeared) into a desolate and dark sound collage that neither make you shake your butt on sunshine beaches nor make you longing for a spliff. you won't find a girl to dance with you to that, and every afternoon ride while playing these fine little nasty tracks will not lead you to freedom, but against a wall (saying into doom).
sinister and uncomfortable. enjoy!

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