15.00 EUR

les forges alliées / lfa_019

muckrackers - versus ferbotten

12inch, lim.291, 2018



  • a1: - la lorraine craque
  • a2: - korporation23
  • a3: - a la manoeuvre
  • b1: - notre usine (link to yt) Play button
  • b2: - jamais
  • b3: - la vallée des hauts fourneaux
minor eye

minor comments:

i like these guys and their impressive output since the earliest times!
muckrackers from Lorraine break walls and shatter corroded casks and pots since more than 15 years and haven't lost their aggressiveness while collaborating with ferbotten as well. the wild industrialish tracks remind of legendary Godflesh, the more experimental recordings give you an insight into their campaign to save the forges.
no easy listening on a really nice designed record (like all their stuff!)