09.00 EUR

alphacut / acr3008

[v.a.] - slow blasters ep

12inch, 2017



  • a1: the duke of juke - i run shit Play button
  • a2: ddog - a demon Play button
  • c1: blind prophet & bukkha - acid ting Play button
  • c2: sun people - in between Play button
  • c3: paranoid one - gimme gimme Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

i played acr3008 10-15 times yet, to find a few words to describe it. still, i'm not feeling that they would matter or fit at all.
five tracks with more or less slow groove, with certain melody and atmosphere, settled somewhere in the middle in the wide field of bass music, touching d'n'b and dub (in a way), and tend to relax while listening.
that's what remains in my memory, it's a solid unintrusive (i would say so) record, but i prefer the more "aggressive" jungle ambushs on the other acrs.