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schamoni / jahmoni musik / jmm-202

aaron spectre - jungle boots ep

12inch, 2016



  • a1: - captured land
  • a2: - my attitude
  • b1: - pon de battlefield
  • b2: - people of the sub
minor eye

minor comments:

yeah, raggacore on my turntables! (bad word? - bringing bad memories? wrong word? - revealing that i don't get it right? - that's up to you) well, it could be jungle, it could be breakcore, that won't change the music. this one sounds fresh and a little bit angry, because it's indeed more or, well, AND mainly punk. you have hectic amen-breakstorm mosh parts, guitars, and screaming voices, but you have also quiet parts that indeed have this reggae mood. sampling rage against the machine and babylon-babylon singing fundamentals might be debatetable, but that's what raggacore was indeed about, not much musicality, not much structure, just dance.
i hope that this record's music is more long-living.