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hamarplazt / hmrplzt001

giedo primo - infinity machines of the second moon

12inch, 2007



  • a1: - sad little monster
  • a2: - den fortabte tid
  • a3: - betäubt und betörend
  • a4: - infinity machines of the second moon
  • b1: - tiefpunkt
  • b2: - the spell is broken?
  • b3: - yen-tinh sam-set
minor eye

minor comments:

very analogue and anti-digital sounding music reminding of c64 and atari game sounds more than one time. it's mainly electro and lowbit idm, and could test your nerves from time to time with its melodies and special sounds, but for anyone who was into keygen mod sounds and toy instrument electronics with some shades of skweee this is a cool item.