13.00 EUR

praxis / praxis55

alex buess & daniel buess - skin craft: rind & nol

12inch, 2016



  • a: - rind (excerpt)
  • b: - nol
minor eye

minor comments:

i'm not a fan of many industrial concept albums, so i skip a note on this "look, we have a corpse used for this" aspect.
two long tracks of experimental percussive-impro installations in a row with early einstürzende neubauten, test dept., well, the sound of beating metal pieces with sticks in huge (empty) halls. it doesn't get much rhythmical, it keeps the session recording atmosphere whose structure, if there was a plan, is deeply hidden in rumbling and rattling. there are only very few, if almost no moments to dance (maybe except you're a atonal weirdro or in resonance with the universe of machine waste disco), though one band member (rip) is said to be have been an outstanding drummer.
it's a cool industrial-ambient record, it's definitely nothing for the clubs - respect to praxis for bringing out such a record in these times, as only mainstream hipster crap on vinyl sells and the strange, the avantgarde, the non-conform music is only a short skip-and-delete celebration for download pirates.