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low res / low027

adjust - titan remixes

12inch, 2016



  • a1: meander - titan remix
  • a2: detroit gore police - titan remix
  • b1: tarmvred - titan remix
  • b2: adjust - titan (original)
minor eye

minor comments:

the original (b2) is a midtempo idm-breakbeat track that goes its unintrusive way in the gap between the neighboring genres of breakcore and d'n'b, taking from both and being neither one nor the other.
both remixes of the a side are more direct, more storming and claim their breakcore point with droning beats in anti-hectic speed.
b1, actually, is by the famous guy, at least in my point of view, and it's a track of solid audio craft, but it's also a little bit non-appealing - because all that comes to my mind while listening are very sad young folks trying to dance, emotionally touched (or instable), dressing like lord raven and living the illusion of feeling pretty dark, with tears in their eyes that will ruin their makeup. all because of this synth melody. tarmvred once acknowledged that he doesn't understand why he got into fame within the crowd of emo futurepop/cybergoth folks (a subdivision, or actually the disgusting side of the modern electro goth scene) - kitsch-breakcore might be one answer.
side a kicks ass, definitely.