09.00 EUR

alphacut / acr3005

[v.a.] - dubiously contemplated

12inch, 2016



  • a1: tim reaper - stand upright Play button
  • a2: lynch kingsley - dublate request Play button
  • c1: fade - heart of machine Play button
  • c2: parallel - poison dart Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

coming to part 5 of alphacut's >third wave<, my first thought was if there's a slight shift from abstract amen-driven d'n'b with sinister wobble bass and dark atmosphere to chillout fitting dub/techno-idm positivity in the label's direction. after a re-listen of part 3 and 4 that already brought sunshine to your turntables you might find it in this wax, too, in at least two of these 4 tracks. don't be afraid: they're still d'n'b (i would say), but with lot's of dub/bass music ingredients and some few parts seem to have even straight beat for short moments.
test the snippets if you're now unsettled.