12.00 EUR

echokammer / ek053

salewski - salewski

12inch, 2009



minor eye

minor comments:

in the late 80s a very ugly description appeared within the music world, and it was "synthesizer musik".

this record has it, as anything else only faintly describes what you'll get. maybe half of the tracks have a quite modern structure, trying to make bass music, dub-related low tempo stuff with melodies, too "classical" to be skweee, but still sounding like toy-instruments from time to time. the other half is synthie loop experimentalism with some noiz.

fortunately, that above mentioned description disappeared (even "computer musik" doesn't exist anymore), so what remains is a idm record with a certain nursery/kindergarten or lofi-living-room atmosphere. if that's what you're looking for, you'll get solid music with this wax.