13.00 EUR

sozialistischer plattenbau / spb12027

kosmokotze - kosmokotze

12inch, lim.150, 2015



  • a1: - stechuhr
  • a2: - eigenstrukturanalyse
  • a3: - mittelmeer
  • b1: - unbezahlte überschriften
  • b2: - nicht dort
  • b3: - als befreiendes moment
minor eye

minor comments:

very minimalistic, very lofi, and in a way not so far from the "hamburger schule" this record brings back the feeling of a long vanished scene that lived in the 80/90s on 4track recordings, toy keyboards, contact mics, and tape manipulations. music is of course clean and in best vinyl quality, but has this special sub-stereo feeling.
cool stuff for retro-lovers.