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junkie kut - hologram

7inch, lim.220, with comic, 2013



  • a: - hologram
  • b: - path of prosperity
minor eye

minor comments:

there was a stream of musicians originating from american hotspots during the 90s who mixed rock, naming it "the holy/unholy guitar", with electronics. half of them were more metal (nin, mm, fear factory), and economically more sucessful by the way, others explored the electronic depths (skinny puppy, bile, maybe unit:187). some projects from europe did their input by mixing it with breakbeats, anybody remembering the prodigy?, and others were just freaks, like my personal recommendation f:a:v (feinde auf valium). some of all those people's works attained fame, some band concepts failed (generation-xed with a guy called "tha bomb") and consequently fainted, but seems there are certain projects who are still doing such type of "crossover" (definitely not my neologism!). if you're interested in a few more: dtrash is worth checking out.
i would sort junkie kut right in the middle, plus having a certain goth electro touch that reminds of hocico and psyclon nine as well. personally, my prefered use of male voice is growling and strong mature bursts of sound, but junkie kut's singing of a teenager in despair is ok, too. this type of music is not for everyone, and i can't name more than a handful of releases that made it into real fame, but the hologram 7inch is a cool, modern, and serious alternative for electropunx who are tired of a21 and think that their messages are somewhat lame since the third album.
really, hologram is a cool gem with pure underground music, looks quite professional and is moreover having a comic book.