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pressterror - drrrrrrrressurection of suizidcore ep

12inch, lim.275, 2013



  • a1: pressterror - weggepresstes hirn
  • a2: pressterror - psychopath of drrrrrr
  • a3: pressterror - fuck you haters
  • a4: pressterror - armee der toten (pressterrror drrrrremix)
  • b1: pressterror - master of suizidcore
  • b2: pressterror - gehirngeschluckte atemwege
  • b3: pressterror - priestophile (pressterror drrrremix)
  • b4: pressterror - sie ist auch tot (pressterror megamix from hell)
minor eye

minor comments:

what i said about the wired-at-dis-core-theque 12inch comp., is valid for this ep as well (minus the growls from the hatewire guys). hellish speedcore with focus on gore and noiz, pretty demanding and with its 8 tracks a real challenge for any lover of hard fast filthy music.
cannot say if it's good, maybe it's not the hardest stuff rotating out there, but it's loud, it's aggressive, and it might be the ultimate climax of any set.