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[not on label] / blackorange01

paul.ebb - patient x ep

12inch, lim.100, 2006



  • a1: - the control waltz
  • a2: - warte
  • a3: - trashkill Play button
  • b1: - trashchill
  • b2: - neues ambiente Play button
  • b3: - mr. noise Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

side a is the friendly one, easy grooving into a bizarre atmosphere beyond sunshine vibes or night raves, neither organic nor chemical. awkwardy side b jolts and scrapes in mid-tempo almost into noiz fields.
both sides own a special weirdness in beat and sound, but also a refreshing coolness which both make the record difficult but round. side a is for irresolutes, side b for conrete head-nodin' noiz-chillout.
great wax, thus i'm afraid, the dancefloor for these tunes still isn't invented yet.