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raketenbasis haberlandstrasse / rh012

peter maybaum - photonenweit

tape, c15 without sleeve, 2015



  • a1: - photonenweit sind wir hier
  • a2: - neutronensturm
  • b1: - irgendwann
  • b2: - antrieb auf vollgas
minor eye

minor comments:

this man, known for his contribution to "bundesliedermacherwettbewerb" tape (rh009) will polarize the music world, i think.
some will stamp it as artpop for hipsters with a slight lofi-attitude and a cute naive tone, another gifted but ignored man that needs rescue by debug out of his pity life in unknown desolated countrysides, for me it's exactly this retard-pop that is usually invited to village festivals for entertainment and some covers of moronic pop music. anyway, it's as half as annoying as rh011, it's 97% irony, so this "maxi singel" gets a "you can play another 10min. before it's time to leave the stage"-mark.