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pink abduction ray - roguelike

cdr, manuf., 2014



  • 1: - roguelike
  • 2: - brain niche
  • 3: - shivrwurk
  • 4: - important for everyone
  • 5: - propellant
  • 6: - celestial bidy disruptor
  • 7: - live in gdl mx dec 2013
minor eye

minor comments:

former tleilaxu music machine is back glowing on pink abduction rays. funny idm-electroclash with freak factor, some hardtechno beats, one-two spoonful dub-steps, and certain tootling melodies. whenever you think that it might be a nice squeee album, pure electronic punk breaks through and will leave you with fresh non-digital anarchy. contains two tracks that are not part of the digital release, last one is a 25+ min. recorded live act. too much dub step/trap skip effects for me, sounding like the disc is broken, leaving me with no clue what an audience of such gigs could do, the rest of roguelike is cool.