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artcore recordings / ac12001

istari lasterfahrer - "breakcore" - the death of a genre

12inch, 2007



  • a1: - breakcore tune for two digital flutes
  • a2: - bloodclaat tune
  • a3: - murdera
  • a4: - fuck with my crew (rmx)
  • b1: - yerking me
  • b2: - smile on a rudebwoy
  • b3: - good vibes and a broken nose
  • b4: - goodby 2006
minor eye

minor comments:

came out when breakcore indeed was already dead.
has the hectic breakish anti-structure, many funny pitched sounds and mashed up samples, and is the perfect final chapter. doesn't give answers or reasons for the downfall of this genre, but sums it up, in a funny and ironic way.