07.50 EUR

sozialistischer plattenbau / spb12006

itty minchesta - evergreens from the walkman-sect

12inch, (lim.400), 2006



  • a1: - walkman pt.1
  • a2: - i still have plans
  • a3: - drug b
  • a4: - memusic
  • a5: - hamburg is nich schuld dran
  • a6: - city nord
  • b1: - a boring live
  • b2: - like a box
  • b3: - blei pino silvestre
  • b4: - walkman pt.2
  • b5: - checkin for u rmx
  • b6: - u r still there
minor eye

minor comments:

funny listening music with a mixture of popmusic for students and lofi-ish beat programmings and sample recordings. the female vocals have some slight digital hardcore feeling, minus the screams for riot and street clashs, but there are also spoken word tracks that catch your attention and won't let you clean up your room while playing.
thinking about it this lp is almost a hip record, released long before the first related fashion victims appeared.