11.00 EUR

cathartic noize experience / x-005

fragment: - die.waffe.mensch

12inch, lim.100, poster, 2015



  • a1: - krisen.herd
  • a2: - non.konform
  • b1: - nah.tod
  • b2: - nacht.mahr
minor eye

minor comments:

this ep is a sinister noiz monolith. basically, the fundament is hammering speedcore, but almost all details fuse into a omnipresent wall of bass and noiz that drills forward without mercy, through all the filth, the agony, through the layers of desolute background hissing, over samples and voices. audio nightmare with depressing but nearly accurate atmosphere.
thus, a portrait of what nowadays humanity is doing, experiencing, and suffering from - in the same time and culminated in four tracks.
strictly limited to 100 copies. great work! my respect!