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minor / minor032

1000+1 tilt /

ps stamps back / anal vissi - homefucking is killing prostitution

12inch, (lim.200), 2015



  • a1: - the blob fucker
  • a2: - broke musicians of the world unite
  • a3: - bowel movements in a lounge bar
  • a4: - copy protection is killing music Play button
  • a5: - one euro in my pocket and a laptop on my back
  • b1: - ce ci n'est pas un atomit
  • b2: - micheal moore's fat ass
  • b3: - priests fuck little boys!
  • b4: - better unemployed than artist Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

originally released back in 2004, now available as a "lost trashures"-reissue on vinyl. warm droning and pulsating on soft relaxed beats, this album creates a dark hypnotic feeling, and certain silent moments and noizy frequency layers make it a perfect non-chillout ambient record. the cdr was one of my favourites, and so the vinyl honours this cool gem almost 10 years after it originally came out.