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hamarplazt / hmrplzt005

oktronium - pseudo pop

7inch, 2014



  • side01-1: oktronium - yumyum erypticon
  • side01-2: oktronium - data leech
  • side10-1: oktronium - faceborg
  • side10-2: oktronium - zuckerrausch
minor eye

minor comments:

info from the label's blog:
"elastic beats, angular 8-bit structures and absurd scraps of melody twist and turn in unexpected constellations, as cartoony colourful as they are insidiously alien. [...] four tracks spanning unruly rubber funk on yum yum eurypticon, plastic scrapheap-grooves on data leech and faceborg, and wobbling soda-pop for twisted computer game characters on zuckerrausch."

i totally agree, it's a special chiptune-skweee-abstractum.