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marasm / marasm21

substance b / synoxys - marasm21

12inch, lim.300, 2009



  • 1: substance b - substance 88
  • 2: substance b - la crise ne t'emperchera pas d'acheter ce discque
  • 3: synoxys - scene de...
  • 4: substance b - mourning insider in a ghost train
minor eye

minor comments:

all four tracks have vocals, and make a cool digital punk record. side a is the screamo side with hectic electronix, side b is more slow and in despair.
i wouldn't call it cyberpunk/grind, as that "cyber" might create the illusion of chemical highspeed overkill in 666kbit mega suround, which is fortunately absent from these two projects. it's almost good ol' reduced lowbit tracker core in midtempo.