07.00 EUR

marasm / marasm12022

deleete - untitled

12inch, clear green (lim.311), 2010



  • a1: deleete - anaconda choke
  • a2: deleete - destruction pacification
  • b1: deleete - super heavy duty
  • b2: deleete - my whole fish is a tree
  • b3: deleete - trash step
minor eye

minor comments:

green and craaaaazy, that's marasm22.
while listening to this maxed-out sample density merged into a 12inch of pure weirdro-core, you can imagine the musician rock like a maniac behind his gears and the crowd freakin' out in joy about this mashup-inferno, but for your home session this wax might turn out a little bit nerve-eating. maybe.