12.00 EUR

sozialistischer plattenbau / spb12026

grmmsk - one world - nowhere to hide

12inch, clear (lim.200), 2015



  • a1: grmmsk - non sense
  • a2: grmmsk - cold weather
  • a3: grmmsk - no more
  • a4: grmmsk - ism schism
  • b1: grmmsk - prison everywhere
  • b2: grmmsk - oudor of decay
  • b3: grmmsk - cyaan go back
minor eye

minor comments:

never heard of grmmsk before, but after finding out that this is an alias, i was confident about what is hiding in these grooves. what you get: industrialish horror-dub with lots of strange sample work and a great diy-lofi-noiz attitude. cool record, but might become a quite uneasy listening for people who didn't ever get in touch with that scene.