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praxis / praxis53

amboss - vision

12inch, 2014



  • a1: amboss - machinery
  • a2: amboss - vision two
  • b1: amboss - odd code
  • b2: amboss - rational diversification (baumhaus)
minor eye

minor comments:

if you accidently start this praxis with the wrong, well the b-side, you'll get a certain nasty surprise and might wonder what is wrong: amboss is doing ultra slow fuck-you-dubstep with ugly noizes and techno right after. wether it's the finger to the most popular hipster (and so mainstream) electronics these days, or just a trial if he can do that as well - i don't know.
side a is what amboss is: high broken beat assaults without compromises.

so what to do if you are (still) a breakcore kid with old skool attitude and fancy one side, and get also the styles that are featured on the other, that is to say all the things you refuse are settled in the crowds that are actually listening to dubstep and techno?