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- robots & electronic brains #14

fanzine, with CD



minor eye

minor comments:


01 aerosolik
02 a cohorts, robots intro b hoodee feat. digga, leave it out c lowercase, bellowing notes d pedigree chumps meet bushy and daddy 3, spittin e cohorts, all we got f lowercase, rugged and rough g hoodee feat. koaste, packing it up (remix)03 happy capitalist04 evader, good at sport05 teruo, smalltown06 lucky jim, another day wasted07 scienceboy vs. sl.arch, a short song about donkeys08 the cold front, human breed09 alto45, hospital song10 miss king12 initials dc, tty14 serge, martians16 initials dc, sunday pictures18 serge, je dis pas de probleme20 push the button21 DODODODO, ===22 the smile adventure, the flesh prevaileth23 mold, tubes versus clouds24 sturclub, abelgier25 chaos through programming, magic parkinglot microsleep massacer26 siemers, special track experience no. 2527 ctp arkestra,meowaAawoem28 sparticus stargazer29 vincent & vera, bye bye darling30 fabulous nobody, s