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d-trash records / dtech06

hansel - lorenzian lineshaper

CD, 2006



minor eye

minor comments:

dtrash`s probably most musical sound artist gives me quite some headaches with this album. the former stuff had vocals, breaks and a certain pop music flair which i liked, or just skipped when it became to much "singing". on this cd this special feature grows into even annoying levels. great sounds when it comes to violent punk scream outbursts, but the rest is whiny emo(kid?) crying or seems to check out vocal hiphop styles. that's a pity, as i like this guy alot, as he's almost musician, not just a noiz-project, but the lorenzian lineshaper is definitly not my taste of music. i can stand goth music, darkwave and lot's of other louzy emo stuff, but this makes me run - almost nothing of the mentioned styles inside, but way too much stupid kiddie crunkcore.