07.00 EUR

flop beat disk / flop0003

[v.a.] - 16pnt / tlic / cyperkid - split

12inch, 2009



  • a1: 16pad noiseterrorist - t or error Play button
  • a2: 16pad noiseterrorist - dubterror Play button
  • b1: tlic - all questions end Play button
  • b2: cyperkid - komores Play button
  • b3: cyperkid - impure balance Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

side a is solid post-breakcore stuff, with nice balanced sounds and effects, a certain rave-homage and some screamo-vocals which tend to annoy in their way, at least from time to time... side b comes more rough and dirty, starting with a dark-electronic, somehow unfinished tune. the two tracks of cyperkid strictly are pure trackercore, noizy and without digital falderal. and with some odd vocals in the second track, too.