13.00 EUR

restroom records / restroom1200a-b

ambassador 21 - akcija v1.1

12inch, 2x, 2005



  • a1: aphasic - dogma
  • a2: c-drk - revolution is a business
  • a3: synapscape - the stones find aim
  • a4: axiome - love
  • a5: end - whip song
  • b1: cdatakill - ambassador
  • b2: pal - remedy for solitude
  • b3: hansel - we declare revolution
  • b4: wilt - biology
  • c1: not half - fm must die!
  • c2: rogor rotor - zombie
  • c3: fragment king - the nerves
  • d1: mothboy - satisfaction
  • d2: ctrler - hero
  • d3: converter - new doctrine about trinity
  • d4: proyecto mirage - we declare revolution
minor eye

minor comments:

many projects got up to remix, and finally they filled two 12". when i read the tracklist i was excited and awaited some tricky beat-constructs, noiz-loop-attack, electric sample inferno (i found much too few of it). instead i got lyrics i already didn`t understand on killyoudotcom over more or less ordinary rough core-beats which start to annoy after a while. less tracks in total, but more creativity would have done better. in summary not bad having two-three good tracks, but the rest`s not very interesting at all, only significant because of the vocals. that`s not the future of war...but sadly, maybe the way all rebellions go.