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d-trash records / dtrash104

blipvert - stop : skronk : explode!

CD, 2008



  • 1: - peace with ummen Play button
  • 2: - sviiklect bomb Play button
  • 3: - couch of soob Play button
  • 4: - mega pseudo (no congo) Play button
  • 5: - black jellow interior Play button
  • 6: - bye judy, don't make 'em sad Play button
  • 7: - tao to a feel Play button
  • 8: - big boy slip Play button
  • 9: - barbwire girls Play button
  • 10: - georges Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

to spoil and to warn you: the name of this dtrash gem already gives you an idea what to expect. the album as a whole is ultra hyperactive cut-n-paste mashup breakcore merged into a skweee-breakz-chiptune-sample-salad beyond, or mostly on the edge of any song structure and music scheme. don't plan to relax while listening, don't intend to do something important meanwhile - you won't make it. parts of it are real cool rockin' stuff or some tracks surprisingly stop the hectic ride to take some seconds for uneasy psychotic atmospheres - better have pen and paper ready to make a note of the exact duration time and your favourites.