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ashtar-dxd - bang bang bang da moneymachine

12inch, 2007



  • a1: - change that Play button
  • a2: - out of control (remix) Play button
  • b1: - bang bang bang da moneymachine Play button
  • b2: - mediale reizüberflutung Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

after listening to that wax several times i'm asking myself why this ultra-strange "bang-bang"-track got the title, but the answer possibly is: punks don't care. the music is rough and weird bastard-rock-breakcore dominated by the ashtar-messages. three tracks deserve the title: "dirty" (as digital punk has to be) and pure as hell, but the "bang-machine" makes me run. maybe it means: it's the hit, and maybe that's the concept. or maybe i'm not punk enough anymore. who know's.