07.00 EUR

phantomnoise / pnr011

hp.stonji - mélaina cholé remixes

12inch, 2005



  • a1: thee vaporizer - redov (rmx)
  • a2: lxc - 247 (advantageous restriction rmx)
  • a3: mimaku spldat - metic (rmx)
  • aa1: _filbert - 630 (rmx)
  • aa2: scarcubem - hagry (hagry's urban soul rmx)
  • aa3: intricate - chld (gatehood chld remix)
minor eye

minor comments:

very soft and sunshiny d`n´b vinyl that contains reworks of the "mélaina cholé ep" from hp.stonji - which i don't know and probably never will try. melodies, some broken rhythms, fake-noise - the remixers did a quite good job, by the way: this record broke my turntables this evening. damn.