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phantomnoise / pnr010

lxc - rave is back

12inch, 2004



  • a1: - rave is back
  • a: - a bunch of locked grooves
  • b1: - rave is back again
  • b: - even more locked grooves
minor eye

minor comments:

lxc is back again on phantomnoise`s number 10. dedicated to the music that once made us shift to harsh/distortioned genres. well known sounds and samples from that era broken up and fixed again into 2 rockin jungle-ish drum`nībass-tunes. they say it`s the last d`nīb-record on earth! the a-track even hits on 33! i remember a weird guy once telling out of the tv screen: we`ll never stop living this way! we`re the raving society!