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phantomnoise / pnr002

[v.a.] - core ep 2

12inch, 1999



  • a1: pestcore - aprilz
  • a2: pestcore - neuoize
  • a3: bufo buffo - b!
  • a4: bufo buffo - konz1
  • a5: bufo buffo - sampl0001
  • a6: aleXdee - give us 3 min.
  • b1: worlds ab-art - do you like to scream
  • b2: aleXdee - rush
  • b3: aleXdee - there is nothing to laugh
  • b4: hagbard celine - another track...
minor eye

minor comments:

might be understood as a compilation that lines up the sound-terrorists around aleXdee and his noise-universe to fight for their ideals and for breakcore (and with them is the one and only hagbard celine). for beginners just noise, detail listeners will fall into this harsh scenery after quite a time (so don't be frustrated!)