07.00 EUR

sozialistischer plattenbau / spb12011

bambam babylon bajasch - finest brewed dubplates

12inch, 2007



  • a1: - what you deserve
  • a2: - handy dj
  • a3: - bock drop
  • b1: - eierschaukel
  • b2: - beer sniffin
  • b3: - hartzcore vibes
minor eye

minor comments:

usually hiphop vs. dub/ragga IS not my case, definitly, but i pay respect to the ones who merge/mix, mc-ing as hell, as it makes sense in on this cool wax. the riddims shake your ass and the lyrics make you smile. so why not. but what if you want to bring out "finest brewed dubplates" and somebody makes "final brewed dubplates" out of it...i would get up for an uproar and make another one. till they learn.