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restroom records / restroom12010

the man unknown - neocities

12inch, 2007



  • a1: - the train
  • a2: - fad0r
  • a3: - waves
  • b1: - the sentinel
  • b2: - morphogenetic
  • b3: - solaris
  • c1: - a leak in the system
  • c2: - 2042
  • c3: - eternity is patient
  • d1: - new hope
  • d2: - third person
  • d3: - outer mongolia
minor eye

minor comments:

as breakcore is out, this double-restroom surprisingly gives you dark-(electro)pop with vocals, game-boy-melodies and mostly straight dance-beat, technoid and sometimes slightly broken. gently, catchy, with 90ies feeling, definitly not bad, just don't expect complex structures. everybody needs little ear-catchers from time to time, and i'm better with these ones then dying of ear-cancer while listening to disgusting German radio. and when i'm alone i also dance to this double-wax.