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restroom records / restroom1200e

5xpi - 15,70796327 ep

12inch, 2007



  • 5x01: - 15,70796327
  • 5x02: - gregorian lesson volume 2
  • 5x03: - in memory of
  • pi01: - gregorian lesson volume 1
  • pi02: - whatta wonderful morning (remix)
  • pi03: - atomarer winter
minor eye

minor comments:

slightly melancholic chill/lounge music with relaxed (and not to complex) broken beats in mid tempo, sometimes they're even shuffling. atmospheres, spooky strings and some filmy samples added. very triphop-ish, but with (break)core roots that have grown mature into an attempt to make music beyond time & hypes. unusual restroom-item, but definitly worth some rotations!