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restroom records / restroom12007

stormtrooper / anc - stormtrooper & mck / anc

12inch, 2004



  • a1: stormtrooper - intro
  • a2: stormtrooper - miccheck
  • a3: stormtrooper - testing tactical testicals (offensive)
  • a4: stormtrooper - testing tactical testicals (defensive)
  • b1: anc - conceale
  • b2: anc - i stand in a barren void thats featureless
  • b3: anc - in the year 2525
  • b4: anc - un-paradised
minor eye

minor comments:

stormtrooper & mck mix up breakcore with rhyms'n'flava. last two tracks without spoken lyrics, solid broken music with the floor-attitude. it's somehow hard to get the message of the hiphopy tracks it's just rockin' music that maybe will bring together two communities. maybe...i don't know. anc brings less scattered rough music with some nice gabba-nostalgia but with many breaks and focus on floor atmosphere, many samples, dark and far away from boring.