09.00 EUR

r.a.n.d. muzik / rm241216r

[v.a.] - rm241216 [rp]

12inch, rp, 2017



  • a1: kassem mosse - untitled
  • a2: senate - braunschweig breaker
  • b1: carmel - doc 2
  • b2: fishermans friend - deep florist
minor eye

minor comments:

two nice rocking electro tracks on the a side, one breakbeat at b1, also nice, followed by an idm/chill track with true?/faked? india feeling - which means...i would say...sampling and copy/paste of flute and tabla dubbed over some atmosphere. i'm doubting that fishermans friend played these instruments. and so...where are the credits?!?!

the blue one is a repress via DMM cut - what means better quality!
i highly recommend to buy both - to play simultaneously and check the difference, right?