05.00 EUR

raketenbasis haberlandstrasse / rh071

[v.a.] - desire path

tape, c10 with 8p mini-zine, 2016



minor eye

minor comments:

i'm not sure if all of these projects exist as individual musicians - even the 8page booklet remains silent of any hint. some might indeed be just fake identities of a certain well-known master of disguise and audio trash, but there are two real tracks on it (you'll recognize them by comparing the duration) and these are nice and modern idm electronix that make this compilation a nice collector's item.
the three short fillers (?) are a good listen as well if you are into experimental loop patterns.

a1 fr4s - kci 0:27
a2 alessandro - shoulder intro 3:13
a3 andreas schallenweder - vosach coase 1:00
b1 dieter gürth - gemeldr pein 1:33
b2 zuli - doing laundry pt e 3:15