08.00 EUR

mockradar / mr023

enduser / cxfx - infant farming

7inch, 2014



  • a1: cxfx - piano mouth
  • a2: cxfx - droga nella giugulare
  • a3: cxfx - nothing interests me less than impressing you
  • b1: enduser - i am the devil
  • b2: enduser - there's a knife in my pocket
minor eye

minor comments:

cybergrind at its finest. wild'n'hectic anti-music with tons of samples, high-pitched screams and growls, chaotic cut'n'paste beat-patterns, and that punk feeling that made breakcore once the hardest among all riot musics.
45rpm makes it even more dense and high-speed, but i think 33rpm is the right dose.