08.00 EUR

dehumanization records / dehumanize01

[v.a.] - the only good system is a sound system

12inch, lim.333, 2010



minor eye

minor comments:

nice hard/speedcore compilation from lithuania with loud and fast, but standable tracks from not less than six producers. it's difficult to determine quality and usability as most works within that genre remain in memory only because of certain gory or badboy samples or mash up of mainstream pop crap - this wax has refreshingly few of that, though you'll of course find it. the godfather is an example for such lack of own inspiration and creativity, it doesn't even give credits for this "remix" (not that i want to know). 5 good tracks, one to skip - that's make it worth listening - the music is rough and far from relaxing, but it doesn't suck.

a1_ qualkommando - rage
a2_ quato - 287 koni mechanicznych
a3_ heretik - black godfather
b1_ public animal - there are no limits for madness
b2_ csorba gee - rage against the house
b3_ terrorMasta & eXaCuter - aggro scheissäää