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reject records / r 001

[v.a.] - we exist

12inch, 2004



minor eye

minor comments:

if you're a collector of freak music that has less musical structure but more nonsense sampling, wild cut'n'paste patterns, some odd recordings of strange tv shows - this is one for you. takes time till you'll choose your favourite among these 8 tracks, but that will be forever, surely.

a1 - aneurysm - buhrnhn
a2 - selector catalogue - human contact forbidden
a3 - evil old man - filtered drum loop
a4 - dj agility - scratch samples
b1 - uchuuhikoushi - liquid crystal
b2 - deucalion - "lives of famous whores"
b3 - da vincigreen - the wack song
b4 - da vincigreen - your shadow