11.00 EUR

cathartic noize experience / x-004

vojeet - resonance-concept.deformation

12inch, lim.100, poster, 2015



  • a1: vojeet - die dicke e-saite
  • a2: vojeet - mamaaa
  • b1: vojeet - elysium
  • b2: vojeet - furry bottom
minor eye

minor comments:

there are lots of elements and impressions that make this wax special.
it's not one of these dead polished high end speedcore production, instead it has a cool rough and dirty tone reminding of the good old days of cheapcore and lowbit tracker warfare. of course the sound is clear and direct, but be prepared for noiz, NOT for 260bpm trance, be ready for 4 tracks with battering beats and distortion rhythm loops in a balance of, i would say, 60% experimentalism and 40% solid 90s hardcore structure. plus, this record is none of the evil-wannabe crap, you will be entertained by a nice choice of samples far away from the widespread badass-"porn&gore"-attitude - and that gets my sympathy.

so, if these points didn't convince you yet, maybe your walls cry for the included poster.