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marasm / marasm08

[v.a.] - marasm08 - red ewe lamb / cykklop

7inch, 2004



  • a1: red ewe lamb - troop
  • a2: red ewe lamb - terminus
  • b: cykklop - lapin bleu
minor eye

minor comments:

i had to browse the net several times to find out finally who is what and what is trackname...their page doesn't solve this confusion-game that much... the former reviews of marasms could be copy-pasted in here, this 7" is quite direct and concrete having breakbeats with drum'n'core attitude raising finally up into a real nice short breakcore-noiz-assault. not bad either. nov. 18th: yeah, trax'n'artist-names seem to be okay now, thx to red ewe lamb!!! [done in 2004, when all was different back then]