06.00 EUR

1000+1 tilt / tilt#9

[v.a.] - #9 - urban folk songs

CD, 2005



minor eye

minor comments:

even after many attempts i'm not sure how to handle this conception. on one hand it's a quiet atmospherical compilation featuring droning and pulsating sound waves and glitchy manipulations, on the other hand almost all tracks achieve immediately or by development a rough level either through piercing subliminal frequencies or just by looping some painful samples over a longer time. each projects contributes a certain unique aspect to the bizarre and unreal main prevailing mood, for me the atmosphere of the high tech burn-out of our society, earth and the human brain, not morbid or apocalyptically, but in a higly chemical and motionless way. and that impression lives on a long time after. like many compilations this one is good to learn which projects are worth more exploration and which should be avoided. this cd is dedicated to the underground, fair price for a real interesting but not that easy sound collection.