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alphacut / acr004

[v.a.] - alphacut #4

12inch, 2005



  • a1: nalpas - bad thing Play button
  • a2: hi-lar - prod 692 Play button
  • b1: mze - waterbwoy Play button
  • b2: jakin boaz - jaguarundi Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

first three tracks point direct with broken beats and cut straightness into weirdness shortly touching tangofeeling and vibrating doing-doing attitude. hybrid anti-d'n'b that fights for itself by homaging certain deadlines of 4/4-drive. did you know that a jaguarundi is a minimalistic, dark'n rough tunnel-creature that lives in urban jungles in vicinity to ongaku's mihon3? maybe just approximately 15 (light) years far away. for these brain flashes the best record of 2005!!!!