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alphacut / acr007

[v.a.] - alphacut #7

12inch, 2008



  • a: alpha omega - concrete pillows Play button
  • b1: sumone - rhythm machine Play button
  • 3: - 3 locked grooves
  • b5: lxc - lock in Play button
minor eye

minor comments:

track a is an empty dub-monster, strechted and chopped to such an extend that it hardly is a track, but a deep and dark void that never starts and doesn't fulfill. followed by another dark post-d'n'b-whatever with catchy drum-patterns, this astonishing wax closes with abstract mooded chill dub, and leaves you alone. it's neither a raw draft nor inconcrete, it's experimentalism in its highest form, a milestone in concepted d'n'b-nihilism.