the unfortunately totally unmusical   delivery conditions (last edit: sept 2022)
you can order through the minor shop, by mail or e-mail.
shipping by mail costs money and so the cost of shipping will be added to your order.
the exact amount depends on the number and kind of media which sometimes comes in peculiar wrapping. i will tell you the exact amount as soon as i know what you want to order.
i try to find out the cheapest options to ship your order, which mostly is normal, unregistered shipping (air mail if you're from outside germany). i leave you the option to have your letter registered /w tracking no./insured (usually einschreiben by dhl).
some types of parcels are already insured, i'll let you know about that.

for handling your order i need your postal address. all your data will only be used for the process of shipment and nothing else. sometimes international shipment options require an email or tel no., postal services might use this for notifications about the process.
1 CD (jewel case)/7inch/tape €1,60 (dhl großbrief/ger)
stack of CDs/7inches (5-6) €2,70 (dhl maxibrief/ger)
12inch/bulk orders (but might increase according to weight ca. €4,50 (small parcel, by dhl/hermes or one of these other unreliable services)
after you sent in your order i will return a mail to you containing a list of all items ordered (double-check!) and the cost of shipping. if something is incorrect, please let me know right away. within my confirm-mail answering your order i propose some possibilities for the money transfer and you hopefully choose the one which might be the easiest (and cheapest) for you.


possible and free of charge in: Germany & EU countries (SEPA)
(please check out the fees of your local bank for such a transfer)
bank name sparkasse gera-greiz
bank routing number / blz 830 500 00
account number8122890
name thomas wiedemann
int. bank account (iban) DE58 8305 0000 0008 1228 90
int. bank code (bic) HELADEF1GER


possible in many countries, in many currencies, but needs the internet (and charges fees from me).
if you want to pay via paypal i will mail you my secret (yes!!!) paypal-adress, and i am forced to charge some balance for the paypal-fees from you, as i try to keep my prices as low as possible and they're therefor free of any hidden balancing calculations.
c/o wiedemann
wichernstr. 21
04318 leipzig
I will ship your order as soon as I receive the full payment.
Until then the items remain property of minor.
c/o wiedemann
wichernstr. 21
04318 leipzig

e-mail: minor_at_minorlabel_dot_de
also check the minor label impressum