minor mailorder - declaration

minor eye

active since 2002 this tiny mailorder is an oldschoolish-non-profit webshop for d-i-y-culture and music lovers featuring mostly subculture electronix and related genres, and offers records (yes, physical sound storrage media!) from my label, befriended labels/musicians, and what i found interesting during my years of activity.
i try to keep prices low, so you definitely get a better deal than ordering from me at discogs.
this shop is NOT one of these nowadays 1click-at-late-nite-order & postman-ring-at-your-door-next-morning systems. that means that ordering here will need some little activity from you!
first, you don't have to sign in, create an account etc. i don't see reason for that. all communication about your order will be done via email.
that means that you're expected to be a little bit communicative, or at least be able to read emails to know what comes next. and most of all: i hope you are pro-music!
downloaders, lazy-bones, jokers - please annoy somebody else.
sounds crazy? yes...this is dedicated to the spirit that made us special once. and which still exists...

please check out the delivery conditions before starting
just use the navigator bar on the left side

note on audio example handling:
most of the linked mp3s are hosted by the labels or musicians. unfortunatly i am not having enough webspace for storing snippets of the whole stock. if you encounter a broken link, feel free to tell me about it.
please don't blame me for not having mp3s available of your favourite label/artist, as far as there are any files available i try to have them here too.
sometimes i embed files from bandcamp as they offer this feature. a few links are soundcloud audio, i hope they won't be removed or deleted a few days later, i won't link any yt/fb crap.