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legs akimbo records / legsrecs003

[v.a.] - wired at the dis-core-theque

12inch, lim.249, 2012



  • a1: hatewire - every sort of filth
  • a2: hatewire - priest-o-phile
  • b1: disco cunt - cuntcentration camp
  • b2: corecaine - anneliese michel
  • b3: pressterror - against us (pressterror suizidcore remix)
minor eye

minor comments:

throughout the net mostly filed under speedcore this 12inch has the ugly side of it consisting mostly of human growls&screams (the hatewire side), noiz and sample fragments over hectically changing highspeed patterns (the wax in summary). cybergrind as it's finest, on the edge of what is music.